Prof. Dr. Youssef Tibesse

Youssef Tibbes.pngUniversity Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, Fès, Marokko

E-Mail: youssef(at)


Prof. Dr. Youssef Tibesse war im Juni 2017 als Erasmus-Gastprofessor an der Universität Vechta tätig.



Akad. Lebenslauf

B.A (Moroccan license): philosophy
M.A (Moroccan D E S) : logic and philosophy of language
Doctorate (PhD): Epistemology & history of sciences
Diploma of Faculty of Sciences of Education.
Diploma of T.O.T (The Arab Institute for Human Rights)
Diploma of Raoul Wallenberg Institute of HR and humanitarian law.
Diploma of Queen Zein Sharaf of Development.
Diploma of International Service of Human Rights (Geneva- Switzerland)
International Academy for leaderships Gummersbach- Germany (training diploma on new methods of facilitation)

Diploma of Informatics.
Diploma B1 of Goethe Institute
Diploma of Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki
Member of Jury of three Arabic revues.
Coordinator of committee of Philosophy in Arab Organization of Translation

Participant in many national and international seminars and training (on philosophy and HR)
– Standards for the protection of HR in European council. (Strasbourg – France).
– Regional Program of HR of women in MENA region (Lund- Sweden).
– Regional Workshop of Arabic countries for Advocacy and Gender Issues (Amman- Jordan).
– Training session about HR mechanism and Advocacy (Council of HR: Geneva- Switzerland).



Ou va la pédagogie du projet (translation)
Apprendre oui…mais comment? (translation)
Construire la formation (translation)
De l’orientation au projet de l’élève (translation)
Enhancing Early Years Science (translation)
Educating for Hope in Troubled Times (translation)
The logical construction of the world (translation)
From a logical pint of view (translation)
La connaissance de la connaissance (translation)
Les Idées (translation)
Le phénomène érotique (translation)
Les philosophes et la science (translation)
Invent to learn (translation)
Les conceptions scientifiques du Monde
Le sacré et l’autorité politique